January 1, 2007

The Roller Coaster Begins

Our first week with our 28 week triplets seemed to go so well, and for the most part I think it still is. On Friday, however things started to get a little bit nerve wracking. First, we were told that Niklas has a Level II IVH (Intraventricular Hemorrhage) which is essentially a brain bleed. The good news is that most Level IIs clear themselves up with no problems, they will do a follow up next week to make sure that everything is okay with it. Saturday was a relatively calm day, and everyone made a little bit of improvement, Niklas and Lukas were both fed breastmilk through their feeding tubes for the first time and they both tolerated it well. Sunday, things got scary again when we were told that Niklas has developed pulmonary interstitial emphysema. The way that I understand this condition is that one of his lungs doesn't release all of the air, so with each inhalation the lungs progressively expand. He was put back on the ventilator and they attempted to deliver less air to the side that was over inflated. Throughout the day, Niklas's ventilator requirements kept rising, so to avoid further lung injury he was placed on the oscillating ventilator once again.

Sunday, we got to the NICU around noon, and started asking the doctor some questions. She described his condition as "critically ill" which really rattled Greta and I. We anxiously awaited his next chest X-Ray at 2:00 and blood gas test at 3:00. The doctor told us that she did see some improvement in the last X-Ray and was hoping to see more with this one. The 2:00 X-Ray came back showing much improvement and the blood gas test was excellent. They were able to move Niklas down a couple of settings on his ventilator. We felt a sense of relief as we left the hospital and went home to get some rest.

Around 10:00 p.m. we received another call from the NICU, apparently Niklas had another air leak in his other lung and they had to put a chest tube back in. The doctor on the phone seemed to think that he was doing well, but honestly its hard to interpret news from these different doctors who all have different personalities. Please pray that Niklas starts to make some progress and gets back on track making progress with his brother and sister.


Amy Fawn said...

Jason & Greta,

We continue to hold all 5 of you close to our heart and up in our prayers. If there is any thing, anything at all, that we can do, please just say the word.

Much love,
Edwards family

Ben said...

Hang in there guys, I know everything will be ok!!


Olga & Eddie said...

Our thoughts are with you. We can't even start to imagine what you are going through. We are sure things will get better!

Lisa Davis said...

We're following every step too. I remember waiting for every test in the hospital for Steve. We pray for the babies' health and for peace for you while you do a lot of waiting. It is amazing what the doctors can do for human lungs!!

Julie Miller said...

Hi Jason and Greta,

Thank you for posting the pictures - I look forward to the day I can see them in person and hold them! All of you are in my prayers every day and I know the babies are going to pull through all of this.

Kevin and I look forward to seeing you.


Sue and John Currie said...

Jason and Greta,

Kevin has kept us informed about the birth and progress of the babies. Congratulations. We are very excited for you all. We were thrilled to get your blog and will certainly check often on you.

Please know we are confident you and your children are in God's hands. You have our prayers.

Sue and John

Steve said...

Jason and Greta,

I/we can relate to your anxieties and concerns as every day, sometimes every hour, things can change. Our prayer is that every hour brings changes for the better. I told Lisa tonight that everything would be so much easier if the doctors could say "This will be rough for a few weeks, but everything will be OK." It's the uncertainty of it all that causes all the worries. So, our prayer for you is that God grants you peace and the babies steady progress each day. We can't wait to celebrate with you!

All our Love,
Nancy, Kelsey & Steve

Anonymous said...

Dear Jason and Greta,
Please know that Mom and I are keeping you all in prayer. We know how wonderfully God has created us and how even now He holds your babies in His loving hands. As I prayed so hard for God to breathe His healing breath into Steve's lungs so I pray for the triplets. I know this is a roller coaster, but remember God is on this ride with you all the way!
mariLee and Doris

chris streeter said...

congrats!!! Our thoughts are with you guys.

Chris & Mikki

Carolynne Geragosian said...

Hi Greta and Jason,

It sounds like your three amazing treasures are receiving wonderful care in NICU and immeasurable love from both of you. I wish you all the absolute best.

(a coworker of Greta's)