December 13, 2006

27 Weeks

We experienced a little too much exictement over the past 24 hours. On the night of the 12th, Greta experienced "stabbing" pains in her abdomen all night long which she described as digestive pains. We expained this to Dr. Bryant during our appointment on Wednesday and he seemed mildly concerned especially since Greta's cervical length has now shrunk to about 1.5 cm from 2.4 the week before. So, we made another trip over to St. Joseph for observation feeling all too much like professionals at doing so. Everyone thought that she would be there for at least 3-4 days like she was last time but, to our surprise, she was released later that day. They gave the babies another round of steroid shots to hasten lung development that day(they received similar treatment when Greta was hospitalized at 23 weeks), and another round the following morning of the 14th. In all of the excitement, I forgot to take the pictures from the doctor's office, hopefully I can pick them up next week. Greta and I are really having a hard time "holding our breath" through all of this, as it seems time has dramatically slowed down since her first trip to the hospital. Thanks again for all of the calls and visits. Here is a picture of the babies from the outside for a change.


Chris said...

I'm glad to hear everything's going okay. That's a fantastic picture!

John said...

Congatulations! Great "family" photos! --Gintaras

Lisa Davis said...

Wow! Greta, you look like Demi Moore! How beautiful! Seriously, you both look great! We are praying for each baby by name every day! We pray for all their organs to develope quickly and healthfully and for them to be healthy right down to all 30 fingers and toes!

Angela Ross said...

I was very touched by your "story". Your family is beautiful and you been thru so much. Your trips are CUTE.
Love Angie Ross