December 6, 2006

26 Weeks

I have been falling behind on these blog posts again because of the proliferation of chores to do around the house. Really, it's shocking how much Greta did around the house. I always thought that I did my fair share, but I think I may have been wrong about that. This week was relatively uneventful except for work, the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking, the shopping, the dog and the worrying on top of it all. Twenty-Six weeks is a good milestone, but we still have our eyes set on the 30 week mark. After that we will concentrate on the "gravy", which is what I am calling every day past 30 weeks. Things have been pretty tough for Greta lately, she never goes outside, has constant heartburn, is continuously in pain and is also worried about the babies staying put. Thanks to everyone who has visited lately and has been thinking about us.

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