November 26, 2006

The Triplet Calendar

We have had a lot of offers for help at this point. In fact, my Mom and Dad spent Thanksgiving weekend at our house helping me catch up on a bunch of projects and to start to get the nursery ready. So, in response to all of the offers for help, I have decided to put up a web calendar to facilitate all of this. This feels kind of strange, since both of us are not the type to solicit help, but everyone has told us not to be shy about it due to the monumental scope of what is about to hit us. The idea of the calendar is pretty simple, and should allow people to see when we are actually getting help such as meals being brought over, babysitting, or when we are having house cleaning services come in etc., etc. It should also help with overlap, if you would like to help or just come over to visit, check out the calendar first and then just add yourself to it. Just click on the "Triplet Calendar" link on the left side of this page. At this point the calendar is going to be pretty empty, but I wanted to get this done considering how unpredictable things are right now.


Ben & Emily Myers said...

Hi Jason - How do you sign up?

Love, Aunt and Uncle Bemily

Jason Myers said...

I believe you have to sign up for a google account. Once you are signed into google, then when you click that link, the calendar will be added to your calendars in google. A little strange, but once you use it it's pretty cool.