November 28, 2006

25 Weeks

At this point, Greta and I are in the "one week at a time" mode. Every week that the babies stay in there is really huge at this point. Our next big milestone is the 30 week mark, at which point the potential for complications and long term effects goes down substantially. Greta was having some minor contractions again and they hooked her up to the monitor for an hour. Turns out that the contractions she was experiencing were mild and not consistent so she was allowed to go back to being on the couch.

November 26, 2006

The Triplet Calendar

We have had a lot of offers for help at this point. In fact, my Mom and Dad spent Thanksgiving weekend at our house helping me catch up on a bunch of projects and to start to get the nursery ready. So, in response to all of the offers for help, I have decided to put up a web calendar to facilitate all of this. This feels kind of strange, since both of us are not the type to solicit help, but everyone has told us not to be shy about it due to the monumental scope of what is about to hit us. The idea of the calendar is pretty simple, and should allow people to see when we are actually getting help such as meals being brought over, babysitting, or when we are having house cleaning services come in etc., etc. It should also help with overlap, if you would like to help or just come over to visit, check out the calendar first and then just add yourself to it. Just click on the "Triplet Calendar" link on the left side of this page. At this point the calendar is going to be pretty empty, but I wanted to get this done considering how unpredictable things are right now.

24 Weeks

At this point, I have just been trying to adjust to taking on all of the household tasks. This has really opened my eyes to how much stuff Greta actually did around the house. The upside to all of this is that I have become a much better cook. We have been without incident over the past week, and Greta is just suffering from boredom more than anything else. At this appointment, no further cervical change was noticed, but Greta was put on the contraction monitor for about an hour just to make sure. We do have some flare ups of the contractions every now and then, but Greta is learning to rotate to different positions to keep them to a minimum.

November 14, 2006

23 Weeks

Once again there has been a lag with these posts, mostly due to the excitement of the 23 week mark. On November 13th, Greta began to feel some minor contractions. This was nothing new, in fact we had been to the hospital for something similar a few weeks earlier, but the doctors said it was nothing to worry about. However, Greta was timing them this time and noticed that they were only a few minutes apart. So, that afternoon we went to the hospital just to be safe. The major thing that they look at when examining is cervical length, and if it begins to shorten there is a cause for concern. Up until this point, Greta has always measured 35mm and this was also the case on this trip to the hospital. Again, the doctors figured it was just irritability, sent us home, but told Greta to return in the morning for another examination just to be sure. In addition, Dr. Bryant (our specialist) felt that it was time for Greta to be on bedrest. That morning she measured .25mm which is a pretty dramatic change in length, so they admitted her to the hospital. They gave her medication to stop the contractions which were occurring every 2 or 3 minutes, and gave the babies a steroid to hasten lung development should the deliver. Honestly, this was some pretty scary stuff. A neonatologist came in Greta's room and gave us the hard and cold facts about our odds if the babies were delivered at this stage. Most babies born between 20 and 24 weeks do not survive, and if they do they spend months in the hospital and have a very huge risk of suffering adverse health effects. The next day, the contractions had slowed way down to 3-4 an hour, which was a big relief. Greta stayed in the hospital until Friday afternoon at which point she was sent home on bedrest. We have been incident free so far. At this point, we have to take it one day at a time as each day the babies are in there, the better their chances are.