September 27, 2006

17 Weeks

Today, my mom came along for the appointment. We were very excited to find out the sexes, but the verdict still stands at Boy, Boy, and probably Girl. Baby number 2 seems to be very shy and is hesitant to expose his/her parts. Greta and I are both hoping for #2 to be a girl. At this point everyting is completely normal and healthy with Greta, but just to be safe our specialist wants to start seeing us once a week. I guess that means we can see more pictures. Fortunately, our doctor told us today that Greta's tissue "scans well", whatever that means. I guess Greta can put that on her resume.


Lisa Davis said...

We just love following this miracle. Thanks for keeping us informed!

Ben & Emily Myers said...

What a nice website! We are excited to meet them.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Emily

Amy Edwards said...

We are so excited. I just showed the whole family this site...the twins think it is very cool that there are three!

I love that we get to be a part of your exciting journey...thank you Greta & Jason! x

Andy Grush said...

Really cool idea to do this.
I am pulling for a girl also, three boys sounds a little too much.