August 28, 2006

13 Weeks

Here are the triplets at 13 weeks, they are definetely starting to look like little babies now. It actually looks like the triplet in the picture on the upper right is attempting to suck his/her thumb.

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Anonymous said...

Gretski-- I wish I lived closer to you so I could help out when they arrive!! These ultrasound pictures are so neat as i have never seen triplet ultrasounds before! How exciting for you guys!! I am glad to hear you are so confident as to being a new mommy. It will change your life forever. Besides the "no sleep" it is a blessing and in your case a blessing times 3 how lucky you both are!:) I am so happy for you! My little one is not a baby anymore as she just turned 2 and it makes me sad as there are no more babies in our family this is the 18th grandchild for my mom and we are all done including all my ssisters!Hope you are feeling well and and doing good take care and write when you can! Annette